The Mountain[s] Trend Book

Foresight serving the common interest

5 years already. We knew the world was constantly changing and we have not been disappointed!

Since the first Mountain[s] Trend Book in 2019, our desire to share and to bring people together on the subjects of monitoring and forecasting has been constantly reinforced by the evolution of the issues and challenges facing the players involved in the mountain regions.

Gaining in maturity every year, the Mountain[s] Trend Book highlights an idea, a state of mind, a curiosity that we need to cultivate together.

What do we need for 2024?

In addition to the brainstorming that foresight entails, we also need to consider its ultimate purpose. It is about sharing, co-construction and, ultimately, defining the responses to the challenges facing each region and its history. What have we got to lose? What have we got to gain? It is up to us, the players, the experts and the local inhabitants, to sit down at the table of common interest.

What is the area of reflection and observation?

We will focus on the economic ecosystem specific to mountain territories.
Once again this year, we invite you to take a deeper look into some of the challenges facing mountain resorts on the international stage.

Diversifying points of view

This year, we propose 3 keys to reading:
1. Climbing higher: our “non-mountain” experts inspire us with their decontextualised approach, that can still be transposed to mountain issues.
2. Focus on the summits: our “mountain” experts share their vision while giving us the benefit of their specific experience.
3. The Bold: seizing on trends or going against conventional thinking, the Bold are passionately committed to bringing their projects to life. Let’s share their convictions!


The Mountain[s] Trend Book

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