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The links between real estate and regions

Olivier GEREZ Director of the TERRÉSENS operating subsidiary
Reconciling our vision of mountain real estate, our goal to provide a high-quality service to our rental customers and our role as a responsible economic player in the regions is a major challenge for Terrésens.

By way of an example, the construction of our next residence in Megève owes its success to the quality of the relational environment established with the municipality and local residents. Also, as part of our drive for continuous improvement, we have opted to develop our technical specifications so that we can offer our investor-owners more upmarket residences and guarantee our tourist clientele new products, comfortable apartments with carefully designed interiors and a wide range of services.

The Snoroc residence, which opened for winter 2022 in Plagne Montalbert, is a perfect example of this emblematic development, offering a mix of products within the same residence. Featuring an indoor swimming pool, a spa area, a dining bar and a concierge service, the modern architecture of this development incorporates the mountain codes, with particular attention paid to the use of high quality wood on the facades.

Our technical teams are committed to constructing buildings that respect the environment, with greater energy efficiency and the desire to blend into the landscape and respect the local biodiversity as much as possible. In terms of tourism operation, our on-site teams are taking the lead locally, helping to raise our customers’ awareness of waste management and encouraging them to reduce their carbon footprint by promoting the use of public transport and car-pooling to access the mountain destinations.

At the same time, our operational practices have changed to meet the ever-changing expectations of our rental customers: a search for authentic experiences, connection with nature, accommodation offering modern comforts, combined with proximity to quality shops and mountain sports facilities.

The opening of the first phase of our Megève residence, scheduled for summer 2024, is part of this global approach. The accommodation will have a total capacity of over 1,000 guests, spread across a set of buildings on a site of some 4 hectares, facing Mont Blanc and set around a lush green centre. With this flagship project, which combines a desire for local integration with educational encouragement for our customers to move towards tourism that respects the host region, we are committed to making our contribution to the coherence of current objectives and challenges, such as the development of summer tourism and soft mobility.

Always mindful of the ecological and economic challenges facing our resorts, our goals in this area are to become more involved with our rental customers by innovating with new services based on soft mobility, setting up future partnerships with local associations and educational activities for children.

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Olivier GEREZ
Olivier GEREZ
Director of the holiday subsidiary at Terrésens (a developer-marketer-operator group based in Lyon) and a former manager of resorts in the south of France and hotel complexes in the Alps, Olivier oversees all the activities related to managing relations with the owner-investors, multichannel marketing and the operational management of the group’s residences and hotels.